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Coney Island Film Festival 2014

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

We will be at

On Sat Sept 20th. Bullet Time will be on at 7pm! Hope to see you there.

In fact we’ve had a good run with the music video and film festivals. More where that came from….

Long Time No Short (The Goon & The Dangler)

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

The Goon & The Dangler – by Dead Red Eyes.

The posts have been slow the past month, but here are the first of two shorts we did during that time.  This short was for “Sparrow Film Project 11 (June 2014)” which had specific rules to it.  It had to be under 3 minutes and we had to randomly draw a genre and outdated law.  Picking a genre out of a hat, we drew “Sports Drama” while the second hat was to make the film based on a strange legal oddity in america, the one that we pulled out of the hat was “in Alberqueque it is illegal to pull prospective passengers into your car”.

So what better way to represent that with a couple of ex-hockey minor league players, one now a cab driver, the other, a flower delivery guy. To represent the two characters, we called the short “The Goon & The Dangler” (both are hockey terms to represent types of players – Goon = Fighter, Dangler = Sharpshooter who isn’t much of a fighter)

We filmed it all within a day and did some crazy editing the night before the deadline to cut this down to 3 minutes.  Based on the amount of entrants, it sounds like many teams didn’t make this first cut and meet the deadline. Sadly, we didn’t make the main cut and will not be shown as one of the 20 finalists at the Museum of Moving Image this June, but we had a good time throwing this together, and lots of thanks to Sebastian, Helen, Telis & Nic for their roles and all your help. Soundtrack (3 songs used within this short) courtesy of Stereo Off.

New York City Film Festivals

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

I was asked what some of the key film festivals in New York were. My first thought was that there are now quite a lot. Then I did some research. Couldn’t really find a good list, so I started to compile one. Learned that there are way too many. So here we go, with dates if available and links as I find them.

Astoria Long Island City International Film Festival
Athena Film Festival February 6-9, 2014
BAMcinematek Presents: Migrating Forms Film Festival December 11-17, 2013
Brooklyn Film Festival – May 30-June 8, 2014
Brooklyn Girl Film Festival
Brooklyn Short Film Festival – June 12-13 2014
CineKink NYC: The Kinky Film Festival February 25-March 1, 2014
City University Film Festival
Crown Heights Film Festival
Film Comment Selects February 17-27, 2014
Fusion Film Festival March 5-8, 2014

Gotham Screen Film Festival & Screenplay Contest

International Film Festival Manhattan
Manhattan Film Festival
Manhattan International Film Festival February 28-March 2, 2014
Native American Film and Video Festival
New Directors/New Films March 19-30, 2014
New Filmmakers New York

New York African Diaspora International Film Festival

New York Asian Film Festival
New York City International Film Festival
New York Film Festival
New York Indian Film Festival
New York International Children’s Film Festival March 7-30, 2014
New York Jewish Film Festival January 9-24, 2014
New York Polish Film Festival
New York WILD Film Festival January 24-25, 2014
NY Disabilities Film Festival March 6-11, 2014
NYC Downtown Short Film Festival
NYC Independent Film Festival – Oct 2014
NYC PictureStart Film Festival
Queens World Film Festival March 4-9, 2014
Rooftop Films
SOHO International Film Festival NYC
the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival
Tribeca Film Festival – April 16-27 2014
Tropfest 2014
Williamsburg International Film Festival
Winter Film Awards February 27-March 1, 2014
Zero Film Festival

Thats a lot of festivals for films. Let us know if we missed anything, and we’ll try to build a list so that they’re all in one place, you know, in case someone is looking on line for the same info I was?!

Carrboro Film Festival 2013 Recap

Friday, November 29th, 2013

The 8th Annual Carrboro Film Festival

It was truly an honor to have our first short ‘Alphabet Soup’ be selected at this year’s Carrboro Film Festival (the 8th annual film festival at Carrboro). Kudos to Nic Beery and his staff for expanding to two days and two venues. It was a great event for the community and a wonderful gathering of North Carolina filmmakers and enthusiasts.

Here’s what I took away from it and some favorites:

SHORTS ARE THE FUTURE OF FILM/VIDEO: There’s more to it than the fact that there is an ADHD epidemic. Short movies allow for more experimentation and creativity. Features have appeal because that is what we all grew to accept what ‘real’ movies are. You don’t see Tom Cruise in a little 10 minute short! But who can afford to see a Tom Cruise movie these days anyway? As prices go up at the box office and content continues to decline, shorts will continue to get more attention from the average moviegoer.

Here are my five favorite shorts from the festival:

THE CRANE WIFE by Daria Dorafshar (animation) – After saving a wounded crane and nursing it back to health, a poor man is visited by a beautiful woman with a talent for weaving. Based on a Japanese folk tale.

THE POSSUM DROP (documentary) by Mindy Keeley – The New Year’s Eve traditions of a town in the Blue Ridge Mountains are being threatened by PETA who feel that lowering a possum in a box is inhumane. Hilarious!

HELPLESS (narrative) by Christene Hurley and Evan Scott Russell – Leah confesses her true feelings for Chayse in the school library while unknown malice lurks in the hallways. Chilling and powerful.

LUMINARIS (narrative) by Juan Pablo Zaramella – In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things. From Argentina.


KEN LOVE (stop motion) by Catherine Chao – A lonely doll travels around NYC looking for love and finds it but now must carry a deep, dark secret. (Sorry, couldn’t find this online, so if anyone knows where it is, please let us know.)

Hopefully this will be the first of many film festivals we will be a part of!

Carrboro Film Festival 2013 – Official Selection

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Great bit of news from the Carrboro Film Festival 2013, as one of our short films was an official selection.

Carrboro Film Festival 2013

Looking forward to seeing the line up and being at the festival on November 24th and 25th. Starting to get more involved on the NYC side of things too, and while we were too late to submit anything, did check out a friends film the other day, as well as a few other shorts at the Crown Heights Film Festival.

So hopefully we’ll get more involved on that side too in the near future, but from the NC State side, we’ve got our own film selected there – one that in fact was filmed in Carrboro earlier this year. More info to come soon, exact schedules not announced yet but should be a good weekend anyway.