Halloween Movies That The Kids Like


Double header of posts today, and about time too. Anyway, whilst on this Halloween evening I had to help someone out with trick or treat visitors. So I figured I’d make this of some interest too. If the kids wanted candy, they had to answer my survey style question. The question was, what is your favorite Halloween movie? Everyone got candy, don’t worry, the question was for research purposes!

The kids ranged from 5 to 15 for the most part, but it was the more 10 and older bunch who had quick answers – in many cases just blurting them out with a “ok ok, now gimme the candy” style follow up. From this study I learned that if I timewarped and asked kids 10 years ago, or asked myself and perhaps my school class back in my own childhood, not much has changed.

There are no new halloween movies that have revolutionised things for this audience, which was a bit of a disappointment. Here are the responses I got today.

– Nightmare on Elm Street
– Friday the 13th (referred to often as the Jason movie or “Freddy vs Jason” in particular)
– Scream (and its sequels, quote “all of them”)
– Halloween (but no one knew which one, though some kids blurted out “the original”)
– Chucky (which I assume is “bride of chucky” or the “Childs play” series)

Certainly no “kids movies”, no Potter, no Monsters Inc, etc. It was a lot like the list at Box Office Mojo, which I guess makes sense in some way, also since in some cases the elder sibling or parent had a influential vote too – http://www.boxofficemojo.com/genres/chart/?id=slasher.htm but it got repetitive after a while. Still it was interesting to see what they all liked. And when I asked why? Not because they were scary. It was generally followed by “Come on, just give me candy”! Scary stuff indeed!