Best New Years Eve or New Years Day Movies….Not Really

Got a few minutes here, so while I’ll spare our movie premier and DRE’s new years resolutions for the next post when its 2013, I wanted to use these few minutes to do a top 5 of new years eve and new years day movies. I thought about this and well, I couldn’t think of much.

While Harry Met Sally is popular with many, it’s not on my list. Sorry, I don’t know why people love this movie so much. It is however better than “New Years Eve” which despite its cast, I couldn’t watch for more than a minute! So lets keep it simple.

I do like The Hudsucker Proxy – which was filmed in North Carolina (one of our main locations) might I add. This is one of the more overlooked Coen brothers’ movies, and its also an underrated Tim Robbins movie. However, this does not compare even remotely to one of my favorite movies of all time.

Eddie Murphy in Trading Places of course, wishing a “Merry New Year” to you.