Music Video with Stereo Off

Check out our music video that just went live, with the song Bullet Time by the band Stereo Off.

We wrote up a story line and created a sequence of timed shots (all via Excel instead of some fancy app this time) which we filmed across three occasions – but only one where the whole band was available. Plus the film was meant to be shot in March/April but due to the weather (those in NYC may remember how the winter just kept dragging on and on) we didn’t get to shoot it all till early May. So there was one very busy Sunday, but with much thanks to the band, our friends, the ability to use their apartments, and Gussys bar, we were able to do a full day of shooting. We then cut some spare scenes over the week following in order to get everything together story-wise and it was then off to the editing, a lot of editing.

After that, we drafted up a couple of cuts to show to the band initially, and they had their suggestions for fixing up, sequences and ideas, to which things were cut and re-cut further – looking at ideas like making it seem like more cameras than it was (1) and more locations too, and bar some minor obstacles, it turned out well. Some scenes were a bit tough – such as where Sebastian is on the pay phone and he gets chased by a member of the band. But the next day when we shot the rest of the scene, the phone was gone – removed and nothing but a metal plate on the ground.

Overall the video aimed for a black and white retro feel to get that gritty NYC vibe from back in the 70’s/80’s, with a bridge scene of a red horror tone a la Carnival of Souls. Anyway, just watch the music video, let us know what you think.