Top Ten Stoner, Reefer, Pot Movies

Earlier this month, voters in Washington and Colorado voted to ease the laws on smoking trees. I’m sure there won’t exactly be Amsterdam-esque cafe’s opening up tomorrow or anything, and public use is still banned in these states, but it was surprising to hear of this. My second thought was of making another top ten list, which is no way related i’m sure. Should also say, this isn’t necessarily just stoner comedies or anything like that (some are), but flicks with it as a key component of the story.

1. Up in Smoke (1978) – Cheech and Chong’s first full length film, enough said.

2. Dazed and Confused (1993) – Black Sabbath echoing through the neighborhood as high school seniors swat down mailboxes.

3. The Big Lebowski (1997) – “The Dude”. Great twisted comedy only slightly dampened by everyone saying “The Dude” in the year or so thereafter.

4. Reefer Madness (1936) – Twisted, an old propaganda film that’s plot-wise pretty useless. It got popular many years later for reasons that differ from what the group funding the original project probably intended.

5. Halloween (1978) – Lighting one up while Blue Oyster Cult plays in the car as a psychopath follows in the rearview mirror

6. Friday (1995) – Puff puff give, puff puff give. Classic. Just don’t make a sequel too many. Too late.

7. Maryjane (1968) – Haven’t seen this, but the title says enough.

8. Grass (1999) – A modern day documentary that looks at how the US government has spent loads of time and money on drug policy strategies, hosted by who else…. Woody Harrelson.

9. Half Baked (1998) – Dave Chappelle co-wrote and carried the comedy here.

10. The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009): Shoot him again, his soul is still dancing.

Other mentions.

The Trip (1967) – Written by Jack Nicholson (though more an LSD flick) back in his Easy Rider days (which also had Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda). Something tells me they “rehearsed” all parts many times….

Pineapple Express (2008) – Not sure what I thought of this movie, half of it is quite good, half of it is quite bad.  Many movies of all kinds in the mid 2000’s fit this sort of criteria, perhaps revised last minute to give the story more action.

Super Troopers (2001) – Bit of a “retro” movie in some ways, but a decent movie overall.

Grandma’s Boy (2006) – I didn’t know Adam Sandler was still making silly comedies after The Waterboy (or decent ones at least), but this one about a 35 year old pothead video game tester got good feedback from many places / and horrible feedback from others.  Sometimes that’s a good sign, better than if everyone says its average.  Haven’t seen it though, so can’t add my opinion.

Plenty of others I’m sure, but well…. I don’t quite remember.

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  1. Havent seen “I Love You Alice B. Toklas” but it sounds like it would count. “Blow” is more a coke flick though. That would be in a list with the likes of Scarface, Goodfellas and Traffic. Perhaps a separate top 10 one day.

  2. Ok, so Blow was a coke flick. But it starts with some Surious pot deals-his gate way biz.

  3. Never laughed so hard is the british comedy,Saving Grace (2000) this one is worthy of a mention…
    just sayin…..

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