Writing The Screenplay – Round Two, The Fix Up Review

So we drew up an outline to make sure the screenplay kept pace and didn’t go into those dangerous dead-end tangents.

And then we used an iPad app to churn through pages at a fast pace (we’ll be reviewing other apps soon).

We exported to Word and needed to do some tidying up. This was a great opportunity to proof read the whole thing and look for notes where we could add/remove some character, some dialogue, scene description, plot loops and so on.

And it made it quite an easy transition to remember the plot, characters, spot the tangents and un-necessary lines. Also tried my best to not get attached to the script, which was much easier in this case, as it was a comedy. But what I mean by that is not feeling certain things have to be said, certain points have to be made. One valuable lesson I learned is when writing, to keep things flowing and make sure all lines need to be in the script.

So what’s next? Well, now we have a 90 or so page screenplay with a few scenes highlighted. These five or so scenes needed rewrites or better transitioning. And so onto the next stage.

Ideally this will occur in the coming days if I have time and I’ll have something finalized. Then what? On to the next one.